Property Pest Maintenance Training

Refresher Training is just as important as Initial Training. Sometimes we forget and even get ‘stuck in our old ways’

Example: flea control- do you appreciate how important it is to know and to understand the life cycle of a flea? How do you pass this information on to your client the homeowner as well as your Real Estate person?

Example: “something is biting me”
Extremely important to make every endeavour to find out what this ‘something’ is before you commence a treatment. Unless of course you like going back back and back again to satisfy the customer Enquire about my “Itches and bites” course

Termite Inspections  If you are contemplating getting involved in the Termite Inspection Industry enquire about my initial Training Course.

The most important aspect of inspections is understanding and a thorough knowledge of conditions conducive to termite infestation.

My advise is not to take this market on unless you are well prepared.
This is the most litigious aspect of our industry.

Pest Management Industry Training – Termites

Training courses are designed for individuals and Companies who require: –

• Refresh Existing Qualifications / Knowledge
• Continued Professional Development
• Those interested to get established in new markets

1. Pre-construction Termite Management AS 3660.1-2014
Practical training is not included but can be arranged
Course Content Includes:
• Pre construction history
• System’s compliance
• Termite & moisture systems
• Slab penetrations
• Slab types
• Cladding
• Perimeter installations
• Bearer’s & Joists
• Slab edge exposure
• Signing off the installation
• Plan Reading (elementary)

2. Termite Inspections AS 3660.2- 2017; AS 4349.3-2010
Course Content Includes:
• Regulations
• Termite Knowledge
• Borer Knowledge
• Wood Decay Fungi
• Inspection formalities
• Inspection Process
• The Inspection Report
• The Inspection conclusion
• Conditions Conducive to Termite Infestation’

3.Certification Unit of Competency CPPPMT3042
To gain certification of the above Unit of Competency you are required to: –
• Successfully complete training course described in 1).
• Successfully complete training course described in 2) or a Certificate stating you have achieved a similar qualification.
• Provide suitable evidence of past experience via written documentation including photographic evidence; a log of installations indicating date-site address-system installed; videos; industry Accreditation Certification.
• Complete the application from a Registered Training Organisation who will require to view copies of the above.

Pre requisites: the applicants should have a current Pest Management License with minimum competencies Units 5;6;18

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